Charles Bridge in Prague

See Prague’s most famous landmark, the Charles Bridge, and discover more about the history of the Czech capital. Built in the 12th century, the bridge connects the Old Town with the Lesser Quarter, otherwise known as Malá Strana, across the River Vltava.

When you first set eyes on Charles Bridge, you’ll see 16 arches spanning right across its length, a sight that’s even more impressive when lit up at night. As you get closer, you’ll start noticing the Baroque decoration, including 30 statues spaced all the way along the bridge. According to legend, it’s good luck to touch the statue of St John of Nepomuk as you pass.

Walking across Charles Bridge, you’ll set foot over 520 metres of cobbled paths. The bridge is pedestrianised, so take your time as you enjoy views up and down the river without a car in sight. Along the way, there are vendors selling drinks and hot dogs, painters selling their artwork and musicians playing traditional tunes. It’s a vibrant, bustling sight, but can get very busy.

To avoid the crowds, arrive early and watch the sunrise, or visit later in the evening when everyone else is eating dinner or drinking at the city bars. When you reach the end of the bridge, climb the tower for views of the city. The tower near the Old Town is known as Staroměstská věž, while the tower on the opposite side is called Malostranská věž. After taking pictures of the bridge, head towards the Old Town Square to see the most impressive medieval buildings in the city.

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Charles Bridge in Prague

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