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Weather in Zante

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       Weather in Zante

      Are you about to travel to the beautiful island of Zante, Greece? Our Zante weather forecast is a must-see. This resource is fantastic for helping you decide what to take on holiday. That way you can enjoy a fabulous stay, no matter what the weather decides to do. During August, you can expect clear skies and sweltering highs of 31°C. We’re sure you’ll find a beach bar with a parasol where you can grab some shade, take in the stunning views, and enjoy a refreshing drink to help cool you down. If it gets cool in the evenings, our forecast will give you a heads up so you can pack an extra jumper. Whether you’re planning on heading to one of Zante’s famous boat parties or chilling out on a gorgeous sandy beach, our Zante weather forecast will give you all the info you need to plan an unforgettable vacation. If you’re unsure about the best time of year to visit, that's no problem. Check out our monthly weather summary on our Zante weather forecast and pick the right time for your perfect holiday.

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      Monday, 17th JanuarySunny
      High 15Low 12
      • Sun: 9 Hours daily
      • Wind: 8 Mph
      • Humidity: 65 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Tuesday, 18th JanuarySunny
      High 17Low 13
      • Sun: 10 Hours daily
      • Wind: 13 Mph
      • Humidity: 61 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Wednesday, 19th JanuarySunny
      High 13Low 10
      • Sun: 9 Hours daily
      • Wind: 6 Mph
      • Humidity: 61 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Thursday, 20th JanuarySunny
      High 14Low 11
      • Sun: 9 Hours daily
      • Wind: 3 Mph
      • Humidity: 57 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Partly cloudy
      Friday, 21st JanuaryPartly cloudy
      High 15Low 13
      • Sun: 8 Hours daily
      • Wind: 21 Mph
      • Humidity: 66 %
      • Rain: 0 mm
      Patchy rain possible
      Saturday, 22nd JanuaryPatchy rain possible
      High 13Low 8
      • Sun: 3 Hours daily
      • Wind: 14 Mph
      • Humidity: 79 %
      • Rain: 23 mm
      Sunday, 23rd JanuaryCloudy
      High 8Low 7
      • Sun: 6 Hours daily
      • Wind: 15 Mph
      • Humidity: 82 %
      • Rain: 17 mm

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