Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
44 mm per month
71 % avg
10 Mph avg

Troulos Weather in April

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What’s the weather like in Troulos in April?

The weather in Troulos in April is sunny and mild, starting to heat up for the summer months that are just around the corner. It’ll be quiet in the resort at this time of year, but you should be able to soak up a bit of sunshine as you explore the resort and beach.  Don’t be surprised if you experience some rain while you’re there, as there can be a few showers in April.

Geographical influences

Troulos is located on the south coast of the Greek island of Skiathos. It’s a small, village resort, popular for its beautiful beach. Skiathos is one of the Sporades Islands and it’s in the northwest Aegean Sea. The resort of Troulos enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild, wet winters.


The Troulos weather in April sees averages temperatures of around 18˚C. At times, the resort can reach the low 20s (˚C), but at night, the average temperature drops to around 13˚C. It’s likely that you’ll experience some rain during April, as there are showers on approximately nine days throughout the month. But you should be able to make the most of around nine hours of sunshine each day while you’re there. The average sea temperature in Troulos in April is 15˚C, which could make for a refreshing paddle among the waves.


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