Avg weather in June
13 Hrs per day
52 mm per month
53 % avg
9 Mph avg


What’s the weather like in Mexico in June?

The weather does change a bit around Mexico depending on where you’re going, although most of the country has warm weather. The Yucatán Peninsula’s the most popular holiday area, and you’ll get hot temperatures and warm sea waters if you’re going there in June.

 Yucatán Peninsula

If you’re heading to the Yucatán Peninsula then you can look forward to enjoying a tropical climate that’s similar to large parts of Mexico until you get to the Tropic of Cancer where a less extreme climate sets in. There’s not much difference in temperatures through the year in the popular resorts of Cancún and Playa del Carmen.


The average high in Cancún is a hot 33ºC in June, so you can look forward to going shopping for some new beach gear. You won’t need to look for many warm clothes though as it stays warm at night, with temperatures only falling to 23ºC. The sea’s also nice and warm at 28ºC, while humidity’s very high. Average rainfall’s 109mm over eight rainy days, and you can expect seven hours of sunshine from the 13 hours of daylight each day. Be very careful in the sun as UV levels will be extremely high, so use plenty of sun cream. The sun sets at around 7.30pm.

Things to Do

Chichen Itza, an important city in the Mayan empire, is on the Yucatán Peninsula, which is a great alternative to relaxing on the beach. You should avoid the midday sun when sightseeing, especially if you plan on enjoying Cancún’s famous nightlife once the sun’s gone down.

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