South Africa

Avg weather in October
12 Hrs per day
11 mm per month
0 % avg
0 Mph avg

South Africa Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in South Africa in October?

October is very warm and sunny as its summertime in the southern hemisphere. South Africa weather in October continues to get warmer as the month progresses. There’s a small amount of rainfall, but it’s nothing to worry about and most days are packed with sunshine and clear skies.

Geographical influences

South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, which means October falls in summer. Temperatures are high, and there isn’t much rain unless you’re visiting further southwest in places like Cape Town that are slightly colder and wetter in the summer months. South Africa’s climate is influenced by the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean that surrounds the country and helps to keep the weather warm over the summer.


There’s an average temperature of 28°C in October, which is perfect for relaxing on the beach or doing some exploring. You’ll have around 12 hours of sunshine per day with just 11mm of rainfall spread over the month. Further south, temperatures are slightly cooler with a daily average of 16°C and highs of 21°C. If you’re visiting Johannesburg, you can look forward to highs of 24°C with mild weather in the evening and just a few showers over the month.


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