South Africa

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What’s the weather like in South Africa in August?

While the UK and Europe are at the height of summer, South Africa’s location in the southern hemisphere means the weather’s cool, damp and wintry in August. Although temperatures are lower at this time of year, it’s still mild enough for exploring the cities and hiking in the countryside. Rain showers are quite scattered and usually short-lived. For the hottest weather, skip the country’s winter and visit South Africa In December or January.


In Cape Town on the southwestern coast, the average temperature in August is a mild 13°C, reaching highs of a pleasant 18°C in the afternoons. After dark, the temperatures dip to an average low of 8°C, so you’ll need to bring warm layers and a jacket for evenings out. Further north and inland, Johannesburg is slightly warmer in the daytime with highs of 20°C, while nights are colder with lows of 7°C. Around 70mm of rain’s forecast in Cape Town this month, while Johannesburg expects just 10mm.

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