South Africa

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12 Hrs per day
17 mm per month
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What’s the weather like in South Africa in December?

December is a very popular time for visitors to flock to this spectacular country in the far south of the continent. The South Africa weather in December is hot, quite dry and bursting with sunshine. Escaping from Europe to South Africa around Christmas time is an ideal holiday for families and couples.

Geographical influences

The weather in South Africa in December is affected by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. Resorts along the country’s impressive coastline, such as Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, benefit from a refreshing ocean breeze in hotter months like December. The weather can vary around the country. Durban, in the east, has a hotter climate compared to Cape Town, in the south west, which tends to have a more Mediterranean-like summer.


The average daytime high temperature in South Africa in December is 17°C, which is very pleasant and compares well to European resorts experiencing winter conditions at this time. Popular resorts like Cape Town and Durban will be warmer than this, at around 25°C, with lows of only 16°C. Bring your sunglasses with you as you’ll catch plenty of December sunshine in South Africa. You can expect ten hours of sunshine each day and the sun doesn’t fade until 7.45pm at the beginning of the month along the south coast. The warm weather produces just 9mm of rain on average, but predicting rainfall in South Africa is tricky and it’s a good idea to pack a showerproof jacket. The humidity level is a comfortable 63%, on average, but the UV index is high so make sure you use lots of sunblock when you’re relaxing around the beaches. The sea temperature should be about 19°C, which is fine for a quick dip in the ocean.

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