South Africa

Avg weather in May
12 Hrs per day
6 mm per month
0 % avg
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What’s the weather like in South Africa in May?

South Africa has opposite weather patterns to the UK because of its location in the southern hemisphere. It has a subtropical climate with winter lasting from May to July, though the weather can feel more autumnal in May. Temperatures are generally quite pleasant across the country, while the amount of rain depends on which part of South Africa you visit. There’s still plenty of sunshine wherever you go, though, so this can be a good month to visit for sightseeing and exploring the country’s wildlife.


Cape Town is on South Africa’s south-west coast and has an average temperature of 16ºC in May, with highs of 20ºC and lows of 10ºC. If you want to go swimming or surfing in the sea, the Atlantic waters are around 18ºC this month. The city expects 70mm of rain in May spread across 12 days, so it’s a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella. Over in Johannesburg in the north-east, it’s the drier period of the year, and just 10mm of rain is forecast. It’s also a bit cooler, with an average temperature of 14ºC reaching highs of 20ºC and lows of 8ºC after dark.

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