South Africa

Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
9 mm per month
0 % avg
0 Mph avg


What’s the weather like in South Africa in March?

Located in the Southern Hemisphere on the tip of the African continent, South Africa’s summer starts in October and runs until April. In March temperatures in the country are beautifully warm, with plenty of sunshine and little rain, so this is a very popular time of year to relax on the idyllic beaches and explore the picturesque countryside. If you do visit South Africa in March, make sure you pack plenty of sun cream and seek shade in the hottest part of the day.


At this time of year, average temperatures in Cape Town hover around 21°C, with highs of 27°C in the peak of the day. With lows of 14°C at night, you’ll need a few light layers to stay warm after dark. In Johannesburg, temperatures are slightly cooler with highs of 24°C and lows of 13°C. While Cape Town expects just 30mm of rain in March, Johannesburg is wetter with 100mm of rain across 12 wet days.

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