4 Things to do in Icmeler

If you want to see as much of Turkey as possible, you'll find plenty of things to do in Icmeler during your visit. The resort is the ideal basecamp for your Turkish holiday, giving you access to some of the best attractions and landmarks that the country has to offer. Whether you want to take the kids to the waterpark, trek through mountainous regions or discover historical monuments, you can do it all and so much more in Icmeler.

Things to do

The Atlantis Waterpark is a fantastic way to spend the day with the whole family. With its child friendly waterslides, paddle pools and a variety of restaurants to choose from, this waterpark puts family fun at the forefront. Older kids will enjoy hopping onboard the more exciting rides including the famous Black Hole while parents can go swimming in the pool or grab a drink at the bar.

Another place to visit in Icmeler is the beach, which is known for its cleanliness and the ease of which it is to find a quiet spot to yourself. Sunbathe under the warm sun or go for a dip in the sea to help you cool down from the heat.

Places to visit

In Icmeler, places to see come in the form of historical trips to the past. You can grab a bus or taxi to Marmaris, which is home to ancient ruins, castles and dancing fountains. It's a magical place to visit and you can even stop by the museum to learn more about the resort's vibrant past.

If you're interested in archaeology, head to Marmaris Castle, which is nestled in the rolling green hills behind the Marmaris Marina. You can explore the castle and its grounds, which includes exhibits with artwork and artefacts depicting the castle's rich history.

If you're looking for adventure, hop in a boat and cruise along the Dalyan Delta River. From here, you'll see a stunning view of the Lycian Rock Tombs carved into the side of a rugged cliff. Of course, you can get up close if you like and take your time exploring the ruins before returning back to Icmeler later in the day.


One of the most visited attractions in Icmeler are the ancient ruins of Hierapolis. It's known for its mysterious stone monuments and warm mineral springs. You can even submerge yourself in the same ancient pool where Cleopatra once bathed thousands of years ago. The water is warm and clean, and you can also make use of the modern spa facilities built around the pool.

Another famous attraction near Icmeler is the Nimara Cave, which is located on Heaven Island. You'll find it hidden in a mysterious forest, which is appropriate since the cave is said to be shrouded with mysterious secrets of its own. It was constructed back in the 2nd century AD to honour the Mother Goddess Leto. Inside, you'll see where people once left offerings to the goddess including sculptures and lots of glass beads.


Things to do

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