Famous film sets in the Sahara Desert

Calling all film buffs! Why not off go the beaten track and venture far into the desert for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? The sand dunes of the Sahara Desert have inspired many a filmmaker, including George Lucas and his world-famous Star Wars saga. Now you can see some memorable sights from the movies for yourself. When you think of Star Wars, no doubt a galaxy far, far away comes to mind. But fans will be pleased to hear that some famous locations from the film are closer than you think.

You can find many iconic Sahara Desert film sets from four of the movies right here in Tunisia, ready and waiting for wannabe Jedis to pay a visit. Southern Tunisia is home to the fictional planet Tatooine. For example, you can now stay in Luke Skywalker's home, which is now a hotel (Hotel Sidi Driss), in the village of Matmta. Let's take a closer look at some of the other places you'll discover deep in the Sahara Desert:


On the west side of this Tunisian island, you'll find Ben's hermitage (which is actually used as storage by fishermen) and Toshi Station (in real life, Sidi Jemour). Tozeur In and around this city in southwest Tunisia, you'll find the Lars Homestead exterior and the Mos Espa set, which was built from scratch in the middle of the dessert.


Down in south eastern Tunisia lies Ksar Medenine, an ancient Berber fortified granary. In Episode I, this was used as the slave quarters. It also acted as the exterior of Anakin Skywalker's home in some shots.


Sleep in Luke Skywalker's home, which is now the Hotel Sidi Driss. You'll still find Aunt Beru's kitchen there, and you can sit in the same dining room as the Lars family did. Oh, and don't forget to try something from the Star Wars-inspired menu!

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