Tunisia Currency

The currency of Tunisia is the Tunisian dinar. But if you’re heading to Tunisia on holiday, then there are some important things to consider when it comes to sorting out your Tunisian currency. Here’s everything you need to know.

Should I take Tunisian money with me?

No. The Tunisian dinar is what is known as a ‘closed currency’, which means it’s a criminal offence to either import or export the currency in or out of Tunisia. So, even if you find somewhere that does exchange Tunisian currency at home, don’t do it because it’s illegal to take it into the country with you. Instead, just take your own local currency in cash with you, or bring along your debit or credit card.

Where can I get currency in Tunisia?

It’s normal for holidaymakers to arrive in the country without any valid Tunisia currency in their wallet; but don’t worry, it’s really easy to get your hands on some Tunisian dinar once you’re there.

You can exchange your cash for local currency at banks, Bureau de Changes, hotels, and post offices in Tunisia. The rate is fixed by the government, so it will be the same wherever you go. Remember to bring along your passport, too, just in case you need it in order to change your money.

Alternatively, you can withdraw Tunisia money using your debit or credit card. ATMs are available in tourist resorts and main towns, so you can take out local currency there. But bear in mind that if you do it this way, you could incur a surcharge of around 4% on your card. And it’s still a good idea to take some of your own foreign currency with you regardless, in case you have any problems with your card or you have an emergency.

What if I have currency left over?

It’s illegal to bring Tunisian dinar into the country, and it’s also illegal to take it out, too. The authorities have the right to search you and your luggage at the airport, so before you leave, make sure you change back all your currency (including coins). If you want to buy something at the airport, don’t worry; shops and cafés will accept a range of foreign currencies, including British pounds.