8 Things to do in the Indian Ocean

In Mauritius, you've got some epic hikes through the Black River Gorges, where nature is showing off its A-game. And Port Louis? It's like a vibrant cultural potpourri – markets, street food, and a taste of local life. But you didn’t come here for the land adventures alone. Dive and snorkel into the gem-like waters to see tropical fish, sea turtles, rays and dolphins. In Grand Baie you can even pop on an astronaut-like helmet (no diving training required) to feed the fish 3 metres down. 

And the underwater adventures in the Maldives need no introduction. Home to a colossal 50 km unbroken barrier reef, and spectacular wrecks, it’s a diver’s paradise. The Maldives are a treat for surfers too. With the swell picking up from April to October, and peaking between June and September. So, if you're a bit of a waterbaby, these Indian Ocean holidays have you covered! 


Things to do

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