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uge variety of exotic animals that call the Mollem National Park their home. If you've got the same phobia as Indiana Jones, stay in your vehicle until your guide says it's safe to get out, as the Park plays host to several varieties of snakes, including the King Cobra, hump-nosed pit viper, and the Indian rock python! There's an extensive range of colourful birds, butterflies and mischievous macaques and monkeys to enjoy and, from the safety of your jeep, you can observe prowling panthers and tigers. After about 20 minutes driving through the Park, you'll be driven to the breathtaking Dudhsagar Falls. Over 1,000ft in height, these iconic waterfalls are some of the tallest and most impressive in the country. Here, you can stop for a refreshing swim in the cool lagoon at the bottom of the falls, bask in the sunshine along the river bank, and enjoy a picnic. Then, it's off to a local spice farm to learn about how fruits, herbs and spices are grown, before sitting down to tuck into a buffet lunch of traditional Goan food. A visit to the Mollem National Park really is one of the most fascinating and enthralling things to do Goa has to offer.

Discover local art at the Kerkar Art Complex in Goa

If you're looking for less-adventurous, but equally rewarding things to do in Goa, a trip to the Kerkar Art Complex in Calangute is in order. Showcasing superb paintings, photographs and sculptures from local doctor-turned-artist Dr Subodh Kerkar, the complex is more than just a gallery. You can also expect to see dance performances, Goan music recitals, and even sculptors at work. Its founder, Dr Subodh Kerkar, is the only artist in the country who uses natural materials such as bamboo, stones, and shells, to create inspiring and beautiful works of art. Recently, he created a one-kilometre-long installation, incorporating 600 Tibetan prayer flags, called 'Unfolding of a Dream'. Grab a bite to eat and sample a variety of flavours and spices in the Waves Restaurant and, if you're looking for more creative things to do in Goa, get the whole family involved in an art workshop!

Crocodile spotting in Cumbarjua

For one of the more unusual things to do, Goa-style, head to the small town of Cumbarjua near the state's capital, Panjim, and explore the lush wetland and the scenic Mandovi River, also known as 'the lifeline of India'. Take a leisurely boat cruise to see if you can spot the variety of marine life, fish, and birds. The canal is also home to over 50 crocodiles, which you can see swimming through the reeds and basking on the banks. If you're lucky enough to visit between November and February, you might just catch their thrashing courtship displays. For the braver traveller, there's always the option to explore the river's mangroves and backwaters from the comfort of a kayak.

13 Things to do in Goa