Self catering holidays to Elounda

If you're looking for a fantastic escape to Greece, then check out our great range of Elounda Self Catering holidays. Elounda is a fast growing resort on the beautiful northern coast of Crete, the biggest Greek island in the Mediterranean.

Self Catering could be the perfect choice for you. This holiday option means you can explore Elounda and Crete without being stuck to daily dinner deadlines at your hotel. You're free to do what you want, when you want and experience the cuisine and customs of Elounda and Crete.

Even though this region has modern resorts and facilities, you'll see Elounda still has many historic charms and sights. It's set by the pretty Gulf of Elounda, which gives you breathtaking views across the water. The town has a lovely harbour and you'll enjoy getting lost around its narrow, colourful streets and squares. It's a good job you'll be able to refresh yourself in the local cafes and bars.

Take time to see the ancient fortress on Spinalonga Island. Our Elounda Self Catering holidays cover some of the best resorts. The Elounda Garden Suites has that eye-catching view over the Gulf and luxurious apartments. The Tasmania Village give you amazing value and a comfortable room as the base for your adventurous break. So why not go Self Catering in this superb spot in Crete and have a holiday you'll cherish.

Best self catering hotels in Elounda