February Half Term Holidays

The February half term holidays are your first chance for a proper recharge after that long, post-Christmas slog. And let's face it, you probably need a break more than the kids! It’s time to sun yourself up poolside while the animation team does all the heavy lifting! Plus, if you go All Inclusive, that’s self-serve drinks and snacks sorted too! Buffet, beach, sleep, repeat? Bliss. And if your pint-sized rascals are a bit too old for the mini club, you’ve got waterpark hotels galore to keep the boredom at bay! 

Where to go for February half term?

Ready to blow away those winter blues? The February half term holidays are your ticket to escaping the blighty chill. But with only a week to play with - you might want to stay close to home, with a short flight to Southern Europe. Keep in mind, you won't hit summer's scorching levels, but it beats battling Britain's icy winds. We’re talking a comfy 15-20 degrees Celsius - not too hot, not too cold. It’s basically the kind of weather Goldilocks would approve of. 

Up for tackling some serious mileage (like 7-12 hours from the UK)? The far-flung shores of Dubai, Mauritius and Barbados will definitely thaw away that winter frost. Brace yourself for a balmy 25-29 degrees Celsius – it's like winter never even happened!

And if you don’t mind lower temps, it’s a great time of year to bag a cheap European city break. Seeing the sights of Prague or Berlin while sipping hot cocoa...now that's a cosy adventure! 

Where is hot in Europe for February half term?

Scoring winter sun in Europe can feel like a game of chance. Sometimes places like Spain and Portugal are stunning this time of year, and then sometimes, the weather gods don’t get the memo. But still, there are a handful of spots that will (almost) guarantee some much needed vit D, and at the very least, top the charts for the warmest European destinations for February. 

The Canary Islands take the crown! With Tenerife boasting a toasty 20+ degrees Celsius. Malta, Cyprus and Portugal's Algarve bring some heat too, outshining Spain with an average high of 16ºC. Not sunbathing temps, but perfect for exploring. And if spotting flamingos is on your bucket list, book a week in Limassol

These European gems mean no winter coat is required. Whether strolling historic streets or exploring stunning coastlines, you can still enjoy a February that's far from frosty.

Want to check out the typical February weather for your resort? Our Where's Hot When guide has your back.


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February half term holidays in the Canaries

The Canary Islands are a no-brainer. After all, they’ve been coined the land of eternal sunshine. We’re talking bright blue skies and average temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Plus, they’re only a 3-5 hour flight from the UK, so you won’t have to worry about jet lag. Tempting, right? You might get the odd shower, but once it passes, it’s usually smooth sailing. And while it might feel a little cool for a dip in the sea, pick a hotel with a heated pool and you’re golden! 

February half term holidays in Malta

It probably won’t be warm enough for sunbathing (averaging 12-16 Celsius in February), but Malta is still one of the warmest spots in Europe this time of year. In fact, it gets more sun than all other European cities (3000 hours a year!). Plus, mild temperatures mean you’ll have more stamina for exploring the 320 monuments in its UNESCO-stamped city, Valletta. As a year round destination, most (not all) places will be open. 

February half term holidays in Portugal

Just a quick 2 hour 55-minute hop from London, Portugal is a great choice for escaping Britain’s chill. The north's a tad rainy, but shimmy south to the Algarve for mild temps. Averaging around 13-18 degrees Celsius, it’s perfect t-shirt weather. The sea is still quite cold, but with big waves, it’s a big draw for surfers. And it’s the perfect time for clifftop hiking. February is Portugal's chill time – fewer crowds, and not much open. But Carnival Loulé, brings three days of dancing, street food and parades galore (over Shrove Tuesday). Plus, you’ll likely bag 4 star hotels at an absolute bargain.

February half term holidays in Cyprus

You can’t really go wrong with a trip to Cyprus during February half term holidays. It’s still a winter month, but temperatures are mild, averaging 14 – 23° C. It's the perfect time for countryside hikes, poking around ancient ruins and farm gastro tours. Some days will be warm, while others will bring a little rain, it’s 50/50. It’s not scorching enough for splashing in the sea, but it’s the perfect weather for jogging or surfing along the coastline. A few resorts are closed, but major cities are still open, like Limassol and Paphos. If you visit Larnaca, make a trip to the salt lake to spot flocks of pink flamingos. 

Long-haul February half term holidays

If you're prepared to travel a little further, warm weather escapes are yours for the taking – from sandy shores to palm-fringed paradises, where the thermometer spikes between a balmy 24 and 30°C. High-five with Mickey in Florida, dazzle in Dubai's desert gems, uncover Egypt's famous coral reefs, savour Mexico's beach life, or dive into Mauritius' magic. Then there’s the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and Barbados

February half term city breaks

Score an epic city break deal this February half term! Venice's Carnevale di Venezia steals the spotlight with its enchanting masks and vibes, January 27th to February 13th 2024. Prague's charming streets are straight out of a fairytale. How about Paris? Hello iconic sights! And Amsterdam's cool canals are always ready for fun. Take your pick – culture, adventure, or whimsy, these cities have got you covered.

When are the February half-term holidays?

Your exact half term dates will depend on where you live and which school your children attend. You can enter your postcode into the Gov.UK website. If you live in Scotland, use mygov.scot, and the Department of Education for Northern Island.