Luxury holidays to Paphos

Paphos luxury holidays are ideal for when you want to escape your day-to-day life to something more glamorous. Our selection of beautiful luxury resorts, hotels and elegant accommodations are perfect for couples, families and groups searching for the very best holiday possible. The beaches in Paphos can be quite busy in the summer, but you'll still be able to find a quiet spot to yourself if you get there early. If you need a break from the heat, you can take a cooling dip in the sea or seek shade under lush palm trees. Discover the charm of ancient Greece at the Paphos Archaeological Park, where you'll stumble across legendary sites that were inspired by Greek mythology and the legend of Aphrodite. You'll find ancient tombs, ruins and mysterious fortresses hidden in the city. If you want to see more great historical sites, take a trip to the Egyptian catacombs, called the Tombs of Kings. For a relaxing afternoon under the warm sun, head to the beach along Paphos' shimmering coast. Look up at the dazzling caps of Troodos Mountains and enjoy an adventurous trek up its steep, rocky slopes. At the top, you'll see fantastic views of Paphos and the sea, providing great opportunities for you to snap some memorable shots. Have a look through our fantastic range of luxury getaways and start dreaming about your Paphos luxury holiday now.
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