12 Holiday Destinations that are Always Hot

Spend most of your days dreaming about sunbathing under cloudless skies, warm dips in the ocean and al fresco dinners? Lucky for you, there are plenty of destinations where you can do all three no matter the season. So whether it’s a dose of spring, autumn or winter sunshine, here’s 12 destinations that are always hot.


Average annual maximum - 24°C

A view over the picturesque Candelaria town in Tenerife

Sun-worshippers will love Tenerife holidays! Taking just 4 hours to get there, it’s a great pick for those who don’t want to travel too far for a dose of year-round sun. If you like it hot but not too hot, you may want to avoid August. This is when temperatures are at their highest. Bargain beach breaks are also on the cards if you don’t mind travelling during spring. The perfect time to take advantage of the island’s amazing hiking spots like Teide National Park, Tenerife’s must-see natural attraction!



Average annual maximum 33°C

Palolem Beach in Goa surrounded by tall palm trees

Summer never seems to end in Goa thanks to its enviable position between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. You may never experience the chill-factor here, but you will see showers during the monsoon season (end of May to the beginning of October). But don’t let that put you off! These short downpours don’t usually last long, plus there’s plenty of beachside shacks to take shelter in - a great opportunity to try some Goan fish curry! Want to stay away from the crowds while taking advantage of the best deals? Head here at the beginning of spring or autumn!


Dominican Republic

Average annual maximum 29°C

A beautiful white sand beach in the Dominican Republic

With bikini weather all year round, there’s no such thing as the winter blues in the Dominican Republic. So when you’re not sprawled out on its white-sand coastline, you’ll most likely be taking a warm Caribbean dip with sea temperatures never dropping below 20°C. And if you don’t mind travelling during hurricane season, there are plenty of bargains to be had, especially during the peak months of September and October.



Average annual maximum 25°C

The beautiful Papagayo Beach in Lanzarote surrounded by turquoise waters

Lanzarote is a winter sun favourite - and for good reason! Not only does it benefit from annual spring-like temperatures, but it also has a dry, desert climate. It’s also the closest to the Sahara, making it the warmest of all the Canary Islands with just 16 rainy days on average each year. If you’ve come here to surf, the popular months of November and December is when the island witnesses its biggest swells. So there'll be plenty of chances to hop on a board and show off your balancing skills.



Maximum annual temperature 33°C

A beautiful cliff-backed beach in Thailand with longtail boats sitting in the water

If you don’t mind heading a little further for your Vitamin D fix, Thailand is a must! Whether you arrive on its incredible islands or bustling cities, there isn’t much variation in temperature from one month to the next. Winter is a great option for dry, comfortable heat. Not to mention its amazing New Year celebrations, from Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River countdown to Phuket’s lantern release and Koh Phangan’s famous Full Moon Party. The summer months (wet season) offer the best prices but the chances of rain are a lot higher. This is also when the humidity is at its highest so the odd shower can feel quite refreshing.



Maximum annual temperature 26°C

Kyrenia Castle in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the hottest places you can visit in the Med, which has a lot to do with it being so close to southwest Asia. There’s no such thing as a bad time to travel here, but spring through to autumn promise perfect beach weather. And with over 60 Blue Flag shores, a day on the sand is a must! The sun still shines well into the winter too, the ideal time to tick off some of the country’s UNESCO-listed attractions such as the famous Tombs of the Kings. Or for something strenuous, you can always tackle the Troodos Mountains?


Gran Canaria

Maximum annual temperature 25ºC

Puerto de Mogan in Gran Canaria, Spain

There'll be plenty of chances to catch some rays in Gran Canaria with temperatures rarely dropping below 24ºC! Struggling to choose between the Canary Islands? This one is a real all-rounder. Its dramatic landscape means there’s something for everyone to enjoy, from the desert-like sand dunes of Maspalomas right down to the volcanic craters of Las Palmas. Summer is often too hot here, so winter’s 22ºC highs and 6 hours of sunshine promise the perfect blend of beach and adventure.



Maximum annual temperature 30ºC

A palm tree-lined beach in Gambia at sunset

Gambia is a great place to escape thanks to its consistent sunbathing weather. Although there’s a chance of rain in its warmest months (July to September). Most people prefer to head here when the weather is fine and dry, which is anytime between October and June. This is also when you will see the most wildlife with crocodiles, warthogs, bushpigs, geckos and nearly 600 species of birds all living in its nature reserves - a must-see on any Gambia holiday.



Maximum annual temperature 25ºC

A golden sand beach in Morro Jable, Fuerteventura

Beach days are always on the cards when you come to Fuerteventura. Less mountainous compared to its Canary Island neighbours, you’ll be happy to know this year-round hotspot experiences very little rain with just seven days in December - its wettest month. And when you’re not soaking up it’s endless sunshine, watersports fans are in luck. The island’s flat landscape offers little shelter from the breeze, making it a surfing paradise most of the year. Want in on the water-based action? Head here between May to October when the winds are at their strongest.


Sri Lanka

Maximum annual temperature 31°C

Sri Lanka beach with fishermen on stilts

Resting on India’s tip, temperatures are consistent in Sri Lanka, rarely falling below 25ºC. It’s also known for having two monsoon seasons, but don’t worry they occur at different times - (May to July) in the south and (October to November)in the north. Those looking to escape the harsh winter back home in favour of a tropical beach will be guaranteed glorious weather between December and April. This is also when you’ll have the best chance of spotting the local wildlife. For good weather and a taste of culture, time your visit with Diwali when temples and houses are lit with thousands of oil lamps.



Maximum annual temperature 28 °C

An aerial shot of Cancun's coastline at sunset

Mexico weather is stunning whatever time of the year you visit, particularly The Yucatán Peninsula. There’s something for all tastes here, from its vast rainforests to tropical beaches and ancient Mayan ruins. Dry days are guaranteed from December to May, but this is also when crowds are at their highest. For beautiful weather and big parties, head here in March for a taste of all the spring break action. Or if that sounds like your idea of hell, opt for the quiet months of July through mid-November, when crowds are low, prices are cheap and there’s still plenty of sunshine.



Maximum annual temperature 28 °C

A white sand beach in Clearwater, Florida

Known as the Sunshine State, it’s hardly surprising that Florida has great annual weather. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, its theme parks and beaches stay busy most of the year. Winter is dry and hot, while summer is long and humid with a chance of rain. Looking for a cheap deal? October is your best bet and you’ve passed the peak of hurricane season! Plus, there’s no shortage of Halloween-themed fun across Disney World and Universal.


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