Costa Blanca

Avg weather in November
10 Hrs per day
31 mm per month
69 % avg
9 Mph avg

Costa Blanca Weather in November

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What’s the weather like on the Costa Blanca in November?

The Costa Blanca stretches along the southern shores of Spain, and is a hugely popular destination for holidays in the sun. It has a Mediterranean climate bringing hot, dry summers and mild winters to the region, with temperatures continuing to drop as November goes on. The weather stays quite mild at this time of year though, and things can get warm in the afternoons. Although November is the wettest month of the year, it’s still relatively dry, making the Costa Blanca a good place to visit, to escape the British winter this month.


The average temperature on the Costa Blanca is 16°C at this time of year, peaking at 19°C at the height of the afternoon. It’s usually t-shirt weather during the day, but you might need some warmer clothes for evenings out, as the average low drops to a chilly 9°C after dark. Just over 40mm of rain’s forecast over the course of six days in November, which also expects six hours of sunshine each day. The Mediterranean waters are cooling down, at 18°C this month, but this is still comfortable for a swim.

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