Caleta De Fuste

Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
11 mm per month
74 % avg
15 Mph avg

Caleta De Fuste Weather in March

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What’s the weather like in Caleta de Fuste in March?

Skip the cold temperatures of winter and visit Caleta de Fuste for its beautiful climate, exciting water sports and upbeat nightlife. You can expect lots of warm sunshine each day with very little wind and not much chance of rain.

Geographical influences

Caleta de Fuste is a beautiful resort on the eastern coast of Fuerteventura. It experiences a glorious climate all year round with long hot summers and mild winters. Caleta de Fuste weather in March tends to be warm and dry with average temperatures hovering in the low 20s.


You’ll start to see early signs of spring in March, with climbing temperatures and a steady rise in humidity throughout the month. The average high in March is 22°C, which is perfect beach weather. At night, temperature lows of around 15°C are quite common, so you’ll probably want to keep the air conditioning on to help sleep through the warmer nights of your stay. There are 12 hours of lovely sunshine each day with an average humidity of 74%. Rainfall is very minimal at just 11mm spread over three days of the month.

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