Caleta De Fuste

Avg weather in July
13 Hrs per day
8 mm per month
80 % avg
18 Mph avg

Caleta De Fuste Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Caleta De Fuste in July?

The Caleta De Fuste weather in July is some of the best across the Canary Islands. This pretty Spanish resort in Fuerteventura, off the coast of Africa, has hot temperatures and hardly any rain thanks to its warm Atlantic climate. The sun seems to shine forever in July and you’ll be able to splash in the seas or relax by the pool as you soak up the wonderful weather.

Geographical influences

Caleta De Fuste is on the west coast of Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is the nearest Canary Island to Africa and sometimes in July, hot air from the Sahara desert is blown across the Atlantic Ocean. By the time it’s reached Caleta De Fuste, the ocean’s cooled the air and it gives a refreshing breeze. Being on the west coast, Caleta De Fuste is slightly shielded from the easterly trade winds of the Canary Islands.


You don’t need to bring warm weather clothes or an umbrella to Caleta De Fuste at this time of the year. The weather in Caleta De Fuste in July is wonderful, boasting an average temperature of 27°C. The average low will only be around 21°C, so you can plan days out knowing the weather will be stunning. If you want to relax on the sandy beach, the sun will shine for an average of 13 hours in July and the sea temperature will be about 22°C. An average of just 8mm of rain falls in Caleta De Fuste this month, but quite often July receives no rainfall at all. UV levels are high though, so pack plenty of sunblock, and make sure you keep refreshed in the sun as humidity levels reach 80%.

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