Avg weather in May
14 Hrs per day
96 mm per month
71 % avg
7 Mph avg

Thassos Weather in May

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What’s the weather like in Thassos in May?

Located in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece, the island of Thassos has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, cool winters, and plenty of sunshine all year round. May is the last month of spring on the island, so temperatures are warm and gradually getting hotter as the days go by. Although some rain is forecast this month, showers are normally short-lived and the wet weather shouldn’t affect your holiday too much.


The average temperature in Thassos at this time of year is a mild 17°C, while afternoons are usually the warmest part of the day with highs reaching 21°C. Around 50mm of rain is expected this month so it’s likely you’ll experience some wet weather, although showers are usually short and sharp. After dark temperatures dip to a low of 13°C, so make sure you pack extra layers for evenings out at the local restaurants and bars.

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