Avg weather in October
11 Hrs per day
51 mm per month
70 % avg
9 Mph avg

Stalis Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in Stalis in October?

With not too much rainfall, sunny days and temperatures over 20°C, your visit to this popular resort on Crete’s north coast will be very enjoyable at this time. The Stalis weather in October attracts lots of visitors who want to escape the busy summer crowds but still relax in the great climate.

Geographical influences

Because Stalis is found on Crete’s sandy northern shoreline, the weather here is slightly cooler and wetter than resorts in the south of the island. This is because Crete’s central hills block some of the northerly winds from travelling across the land. Most visitors find these conditions refreshing on warmer days and enjoy the increased winds.


The weather in Stalis in October is still warm, especially when compared to lots of Europe’s mainland resorts. You can expect an average daytime high temperature of 24°C, with even the very coldest days not going below 16°C. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea should be around 20°C, which is very pleasant for a refreshing swim or some exciting water sports. You’ll make the most of the sunshine too this month in Stalis. Expect to see an average of seven hours sun each day from 11 hours of daylight. Rain is quite low at this time, at just 51mm, which produces five days that get some light rainfall. UV levels are low and wind speeds are light at 9mph, so exploring the beaches and towns around Stalis will be a joy in October.

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