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Elounda is a small fishing town that has become a popular holiday destination because of its beautiful, Mediterranean climate. The town is on the north coast of Crete and has plenty of sunshine on a daily basis with warm temperatures lasting throughout the year.

The best time to go to Elounda is late spring when the weather has warmed up and the town is still quiet before the summer crowds arrive.

Temperatures rarely fall below the 30s, which is perfect if you’re looking for a classic beach holiday. However, don’t forget to wear sun cream as the UV levels can get very high in the peak of summer. You should also drink plenty of water to help cool you down and stay hydrated.

For hot weather and plenty of sunshine, the best time to visit Elounda is from June to September. This is high season in Greece, which means temperatures are high and there’s an average monthly rainfall of just 1mm.

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