Florida - currency

Florida’s currency is the US Dollar ($ or USD).

Credit cards and currency cards can be used in many hotels, shops and restaurants around the state, so you needn’t worry about how much American money to take. There are also ATM machines in most towns and resorts as well as currency exchanges where you can change pounds to dollars.

Tipping in Florida

It’s a good idea to make sure you have some dollars in cash when you arrive in Florida, ready for tipping porters ($1-$2 a bag). Order your travel money ahead of time and get some small change as soon as you can once you get there. Tipping’s an unavoidable part of life in the USA due to the way people are paid, so it’s important to remember to tip those in service roles, such as bar staff ($1 a drink), restaurant servers (15-25% is the norm), and taxi drivers (10%).

Florida theme park tickets

While we’re on the subject of spending, it’s best to plan ahead and book your theme park tickets and passes in advance. Not only will it help you manage your budget for the rest of your holiday money, but you’ll also get to avoid some of the queues (which can be very long: not good if you’ve got young kids with you). Plus, you can often get a great deal on advance tickets. Look out for multi-day tickets, as they offer much better value for money than single-day tickets and give you the time to see as much as you want.

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