Morocco Currency

The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (MAD), which is made up of 100 santimat (or centimes). But if you’ve gone online to try to convert your British pounds to Moroccan dirham, you won’t have got far. That’s because the dirham is what’s known as a closed currency - you can’t take it in or out of Morocco.

Instead, if you want to use cash in Morocco, you’ll need to bring money with you and exchange it once you arrive. You can also withdraw your Moroccan currency directly from ATM machines using your UK debit card, though you may want to check that you won't incur any charges from your bank for this service.

Most major credit cards are accepted in a number of shops and restaurants in bigger towns and cities, but you may have to pay a surcharge to use them.

Converting Pounds to Moroccan Dirham

There’s no limit on the amount of foreign cash you can bring into Morocco with you. You’ll be able to exchange British pounds here no problem, as well as Euros. But please bear in mind that you won’t be able to exchange Scottish or Northern Irish banknotes. It can also be very difficult to exchange travellers’ cheques here, so a currency card is a much better option for your travel money.

Converting Moroccan Dirham to Pounds

As you can’t take Moroccan dirhams out of Morocco, you’ll need to spend any cash you have, or convert it back before you leave. To save currency conversion fees, try to plan your spending ahead and make sure you don’t have any cash left over when you’re travelling home.

How do I get Moroccan currency?

You can exchange your money at the airport when you arrive, but you’re more likely to get a better rate in town, either at hotels or the Bureau de Change. Remember to keep your receipt, in case you have some dirhams left at the end of your Morocco trip. Or, you could take a currency card - you’ll only withdraw cash as you need it when you are away, so it’s a great option if you don’t want to be left with lots of notes or coins in your pocket.