Malta National Aquarium

Whether you're travelling with the whole family or stealing some time away with your better half, the National Aquarium in Malta is an outstanding day out. You'll find it in St Paul's at Qawra Point, overlooking the bay. It's hard to miss; the building's design makes it look like a huge white starfish draped over a glass frontage, and it covers around 20,000 square meters. The aquarium's open from 10am until 6pm, making it a perfect place to escape the heat of the midday sun and a great way to keep children entertained on their holidays to Malta.

Fantastic fish and laid-back lizards

This fantastic attraction houses more than 40 tanks containing a kaleidoscope of creatures, from colourful fish to laid-back lizards. To help you get the most from your visit, the National Aquarium in Malta is divided into themed areas, many of which relate to the seas surrounding the island. The Grand Harbour area recreates shipwrecks and aeroplanes that lie deep within the Mediterranean. However, there are also sea creatures from as far away as the Indian Ocean. Currently, the aquarium is home to over 130 different species of marine life, making it a fascinating experience for all wannabe marine biologists.

The Shark Tunnel

While many of the residents at the National Aquarium in Malta are elegant and beautiful, some are of the more fearsome variety. If you want to see some of the scarier species of the deep, be sure to take a stroll through the Shark Tunnel. This walkway is surrounded by reinforced glass (which is reassuring) and lets you get as close as you might want to with some of the ocean's most powerful predators. However, the aquarium is much more than a glamorous place in which to see undersea life. It operates several conservation programs which are designed to protect species that are on the edge of extinction.

Visit the Kids' Zone

If you're taking your Malta holidays with the little ones then be sure to visit the Kids' Zone. This wonderfully interactive area allows children to handle certain creatures including starfish and sea urchins. In addition, they'll be able to feed fish and learn about how they live. Your children will also be introduced to a range of bizarre sea-life such as the Boxfish, the Foxface Rabbit fish, and the horned Cowtail fish. The guides are always happy to share their knowledge and expertise, and both you and your children will come away knowing more than you did when you first entered.

Feeding time

When it's feeding time for the family, the Café del Mar and the La Nave Bistro are great spots where you can enjoy a light lunch. With superb views over St Paul's Island, you can recharge your batteries before exploring the rest of the National Aquarium.. For those who simply can't bear to tear themselves away from this amazing attraction, there's even the option to spend the night in the complex, which is sure to be a highlight of anyone's holidays to Malta. This does require booking in advance but is an incredible experience for any fans of the underwater world.

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