Chiesa San Rocco

Prepare to be charmed by this elegant little church when you visit the Chiesa San Rocco. Quaint, traditional and surrounded by stunning scenery, a trip to the Chiesa San Rocco should be on your list of things to do on your holiday to Limone. The chapel can be found to the north of Limone's old centre, which means you'll be heading up for stunning views. Arriving at the church via a lovely stairway that's decked out with pretty flowers and plants, gaze back down over Limone and out across Lake Garda and the mountains that surround it. The church was built in the mid-16th century by the local people who survived a devastating plague which struck large parts of northern Italy. Saint Rocco is said to have visited Limone during the plague, which led to him being honoured by the locals. The church was developed over the following centuries, and restored after the Second World War when it was badly damaged. After you've seen the bell tower and humble exterior, step inside the church to see the lovingly restored frescoes that decorate the walls. Take a seat on one of the wooden pews and enjoy a peaceful moment of reflection as you look up at the beautiful paintings of figures such as the Mother Mary. When you're ready to head back outside, go and visit another lovely church, the Chiesa di San Benedetto. Or make your way to Il Chiosco and take in more breathtaking views while you sip a refreshing drink on the bar's wonderful terrace.

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