Hotels in Maldives

Maldives hotels get you right into tropical holiday mode from the moment you arrive. Made up of a series of islets surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this bucket-list destination is one of those pinch-me kind of places. And the hotels in the Maldives totally live up to that idyllic image!

Looking for a city-and-beach experience? Book a Maldives hotel in Malé. Fantasising about staying in one of the famous overwater bungalows on a romantic coral island? Head to the glistening white sands and azure lagoons of the Maldives resorts in the smaller atolls.

If you’re planning your honeymoon or an anniversary blow-out break, you’ve hit the jackpot! Luxurious hotels in Maldives hotspots are the ultimate newlyweds’ dream, from indulgent spa resorts to private bungalows right on the beach.

Whether you’re picturing diving adventures (it’s one of the best places to scuba on the planet!), the thrills of windsurfing, lazy boat trips or endless beach days where the time ticks satisfyingly slowly, Maldives hotels are waiting for you.

Map of Maldives


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