Castle of Skiathos

A holiday in Skiathos isn't complete without a visit to Il Kastro. Otherwise known as the Castle of Skiathos, the landmark sits proudly at the northern tip of the island, around 40 minutes from Troulos by road. Skiathos' bus service doesn't run to Il Kastro, so if you don't have a car you'll have to book a tour to get there. Or you could hire a boat from Troulos Beach and cruise around to the castle in style.

Make sure you take your camera for pictures of the beautiful coastline, as well as for the castle when you arrive. Founded in the middle of the 14th century, Il Kastro has a stunning position at the top of a rocky cliff.

As you gaze out across the sparkling Aegean, think of what life must've been like for the original custodians as they kept their eyes peeled for ships appearing on the horizon. You'll walk along a narrow approach to the castle's main gate, where a wooden drawbridge provided the only access many years ago. Take plenty of photos as you explore the old ruins, which provided the base for the island's main settlement for nearly 500 years.

When you've finished staring back down across the bay from the clifftop, make your way down to Kastro Beach and go for a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water. There's a little taverna at the back of the beach where you can grab a quite bite if you're feeling hungry, or sip on a cool drink.

As the sun starts to fall in the sky, make your way back to Troulos and go for dinner next to the beach. While you're waiting for your food, plan your next day's activity, whether you want to go on a boat trip or hike along Skiathos' walking trails.

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