Brac Island - currency

The official currency of Croatia is now the Euro. It replaced the Kuna on 1st January 2023.

Before you leave the UK and head off to Brac Island it may be a good idea to get your currency sorted. Not only will this save you time when you get there, but you may need some change for things like taxis or a bottle of water. You can exchange your sterling at a local post office or bank, but If you prefer to order online, you can get your Euros from Thomas Cook Travel Money and have it delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, you can use a travel money card, a safe and efficient way to carry money on holiday. Plus with extremely competitive rates, your holiday spends will stretch that little bit further, which means more cash to splash on food and day trips.

Credit cards are universally accepted, but this can be a bit hit and miss in Croatia so may be worth having some cash on you just incase.