Las Vegas - currency

You could be forgiven for thinking the currency in Las Vegas is poker chips, but you will need to take some US Dollars to splash the cash in Sin City. While there are plenty of ATMs and exchange booths (some of the Casinos have a good exchange rate), you’ll find it convenient to have some Las Vegas currency on you when you arrive. If you order your travel money from Thomas Cook, it can be delivered to your door within a few business days.

That means a fistful of dollars to pay for taxis, tips, and snacks. To avoid the stress and extra cost of changing money at the airport, you can take advantage of our commission free rates to exchange while you’re still at home. It’s easy to pre-order, and you can collect from a store, or for orders over £500 we’ll deliver to your door for free.

Card is accepted in most shops, bars and restaurants as well as the casinos, who are more than happy to take your money, regardless of how you pay. However, don’t gamble on those nasty hidden extras and check with your card provider before you go to see what they charge for transactions abroad. Often these fees are pretty high, and add a percentage on each time to use you card to pay or withdraw currency in Las Vegas, leaving you with a nasty headache and an empty wallet at the end of your trip.

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