Burg Square in Bruges

To see some of the finest medieval buildings in the city, visit the second biggest town square in Bruges, Burg Square. From the Basilica of the Holy Blood to Bishop’s Palace and the Old Civil Registry, there’s lots to do in Burg Square, so set aside a whole morning to explore the sights.

During your visit, make sure you go to the Stadhuis Town Hall, a beautiful gothic building that dates back to the 14th century. Look out for the statues on the outside of the building before going inside to see the old Halls, where you’ll find artefacts from the city in times gone by. Browse murals, ancient coins and old documents, uncovering the power struggle between the people and their rulers over the centuries.

After your visit to the Stadhuis, go next door to the Basilica of the Holy Blood where you’ll see a vial of blood that, according to legend, was wiped from the body of Christ and taken to Bruges during medieval times after the Second Crusade.

When you’ve explored the church, head to one of Burg Square’s many restaurants and cafés to relax with a coffee. If you only need a snack, look out for the famous waffle carts. When you’ve finished at Burg Square, take a short walk to the Markt, the biggest square in Bruges.

Right at the heart of the Historic Centre, it’s a great place to take in the atmosphere of this vibrant, medieval city. If you’re feeling adventurous, cover more ground by touring the squares on a Segway.

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