The official currency in Barbados is the Barbados dollar (BBD)

It’s easy to get hold of Barbados dollar simply head to your local supermarket to check out the exchange rate. Alternatively, if you’re organised, you can order your currency online and have it delivered straight to your door. If you’ve booked a last-minute jaunt, UK airports have exchange bureaus within departures. 

If you need extra cash abroad, there are several commercial banks on the island including CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Republic Bank (Barbados) Ltd, First Citizen's Bank (Barbados) Ltd, Scotiabank or the RBC Royal Bank. They all have the same rates as set out by the Central Bank of Barbados on a daily basis. And if carrying around loose change isn’t your thing, why not take a travel money card? Simply use it like a debit card without the worry of hidden charges and top up if and when you need to.