If you’re unfamiliar with the local currencies or unsure about converting your Sterling, you're in the right spot. It varies from country-to-country. For excellent exchange rates and to make sure you know you’re Cambodian Riels from your Singapore Dollars, keep reading!

Which currency should you use?

There are many different currencies in use across Asia, so check our individual destination guides for the best currency for your Asia holiday. We’ve covered the key countries in more detail here. And if you order your travel money with Thomas Cook, it could be with you on the next business day.

Currency in Bali
The currency of Bali is the Indonesian rupiah. It’s always good to have cash with you when buying from local vendors and ATMs can be harder to find in rural spots. Also, because they don't really use coins, it's a thing to hand out nuts or sweets in place of those small change at Bali's shops. How sweet is that? 

Currency in India
The currency used in India is the Rupee. The Rupee isn't convertible for use outside India, which means you can't get it before your trip. No worries, though! You can exchange money at the airport, banks, and big hotels, and there are ATMs around as well.

Currency in Malaysia
The currency used is the Malaysian ringgit. While hotels, major shops and restaurants will accept card payments, have some cash handy to experience the best part of Malaysia, like the street food and markets.

Currency in Hong Kong
The currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar. Lots of places still only accept cash payments, like buses, taxis, markets and smaller shops. 

Currency in Thailand
The currency of Thailand is the Thai Bhat. You'll notice that a lot of places accept popular credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. But when it comes to shopping in the markets, paying a taxi fare or eating in local restaurants, it's handy to have some cash on hand.

Currency in Sri Lanka
The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka Rupee. You will need to take some cash with you for things like tuk-tuks, local shops and the markets. Especially exchange some before you go if you plan to travel to more remote locations, 

Currency in Singapore
The currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar (SGD). The city is very tech-savvy so you’ll be able to get by without cash. Also, a secure currency card can be ideal for a city break. 

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