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Holidays For All, Forever

At Thomas Cook, we want to make every holiday count – for everyone. For you, your family and the world around us. 

We know just how precious those weeks away are. They have the power to broaden our horizons - opening our eyes to incredible cultures and experiences, while making us feel at home somewhere wholly new. We also recognise that those holidays have the power to make a difference to not just our lives but to the lives – and the communities – of the places we visit.

We know that you want the choices you make at home to be reflected in the choices you make while you’re away, and we know that you want us to help you make those choices.

We embed our commitment across our business areas so that our people, our partners, our customers and our communities benefit – and we want to constantly challenge ourselves to make sure we're doing the right thing. And while we're just at the start of our journey, we're excited to share our current commitments and ambitions with you. 

Our people

The original mission that Thomas Cook had was to open up travel to everyone. This new Thomas Cook shares that same vision to allow everyone to spread their wings and enjoy the holidays they choose – forever. We know that our customers get the best holidays when our own people are performing at their best and the people we partner with are supported and feel empowered.

Our customers: We set some of the highest health and safety standards in the industry to give our customers full confidence on holiday, and our experienced and highly trained travel agents are here for customers 24 hours a day to help handle any emergency when you're away.

Our staff: All of our employees have the option to work from home. We try to be as flexible as we can to help our people fit their work around their lives – for many they can work the hours that suit them and their family. We also give our staff their birthday off and everyone has the option to private healthcare.

Our partners: We want the people we work with to be cared for and well-trained and we have dedicated supplier policies in our contracts that mean our hotels and travel partners support and train their teams.

Our places

The beaches, cities, landmarks and landscapes of the places we holiday are what makes our time away special. At Thomas Cook we want the places our customers holiday. seWe want to ensure the places remain as inspiring and captivating as they are today – so we can return to them and enjoy them always. We also want the places our teams live and work to be cared for and protected too.

Our hotels: There are many ways in which hotels can play an important role in the future of sustainable and responsible tourism. From reducing waste to using renewable energies and supporting the local communities of the holiday destination. We work with many hoteliers to find out what real-world action they are taking in pursuit of enviromental and social responsibility. We also ask each of the hotels that we directly contract to meet high environmental standards by ADD IN HERE this means they minimise their footprint and source locally where possible while ensuring their staff are taken care of.

Our planet

Sustaining and regenerating the world we live in is essential if we are all to continue enjoying the holidays we love. At Thomas Cook we want to play our part in sustaining a world where we can all experience the best of the world forever.

We know that our customers love to visit and experience animal attractions as part of their holidays but they want to do so confident that the animals are well looked after. We’ve developed a stringent animal welfare policy that exceeds industry standards and ensures our customers can enjoy the animals confident they are cared for. Our guidelines take their lead from ABTA's own policy

Our footprint: At Thomas Cook we implement small measures like a paper-free and singe-use plastic free office space. All of our colleagues mostly work from home and we encourage public transport or cycling to visit our office. In addition, we have committed to offsetting all of our business flights to reduce the impact we have as a team on the environment.

Our foundtion

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