Costa Brava

Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
47 mm per month
72 % avg
11 Mph avg

Costa Brava Weather in April

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What’s the weather like on the Costa Brava in April?

Located on the southeastern coast of Spain, to the north of Barcelona, the Costa Brava is a Mediterranean region with mild winters and hot summers. In April, the Costa Brava is moving from spring to summer, with warm yet occasionally brisk temperatures, making this the perfect time to go sightseeing without overheating in the strong summer sun. At this time of year the days are quite long, with lots of golden sunshine.


At the start of April, temperatures on the Costa Brava are around 12°C in the daytime, slowly warming up as the days go by. By the end of the month the region has highs of 20°C in the afternoon, with lows of 8°C at night, so you’ll need your summer wardrobe along with plenty of layers to stay warm in the cool evenings. The Costa Brava gets around 81mm of rain in April, so there’s a reasonable chance you’ll see some wet weather, although showers are usually short and sweet. If you want to swim in the Mediterranean, the sea waters are still a brisk 15°C.

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