Avg weather in July
14 Hrs per day
11 mm per month
34 % avg
7 Mph avg

Marrakech Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Marrakech in July?

Located in the northwest of Morocco, Marrakech has very hot summers and warm winters typical of desert towns and cities. In July temperatures get very high so make sure you bring lots of sun cream and water to keep you hydrated while exploring this bustling city. It’s a good idea to avoid the hottest part of the day when the heat is especially intense, but with long daylight hours you’ll still have plenty of time to wander through the atmospheric streets and take in the local sights.


In July, Marrakech has average daily temperatures of 29°C, reaching highs of a sweltering 38°C in the mid afternoon. Temperatures return to a comfortable level in the evenings with an average low of 21°C, perfect for eating al fresco at the city’s many food stalls. As a desert city, Marrakech doesn’t have any wet weather at this time of year, with just a single millimetre of rain expected on one day in July.

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