Avg weather in June
16 Hrs per day
95 mm per month
76 % avg
6 Mph avg

Krakow Weather in June

What’s the weather like in Krakow in June?

Krakow weather begins to warm up in June and you can look forward to higher temperatures with lots of warm sunshine throughout the month. It’s a great time to visit Krakow for a pleasant climate without it being too hot or humid.

Geographical influences

Krakow is a city in southern Poland. It’s close to the border of the Czech Republic and has a typical oceanic climate. This means that most of the year is quite cold with milder weather in the summer. Krakow weather in June is fairly warm with mild winds from the Tatra Mountains causing temperatures to increase rapidly towards the end of the month.


The average temperature is around 17°C during the day, which increases to 22°C around midday. This is a great improvement from last month and you can look forward to milder temperatures at night with an average low of 11°C. You can expect an average monthly rainfall of 60mm spread over 17 days throughout the month, which means it’s highly likely it’ll rain during your stay.

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