Avg weather in January
8 Hrs per day
51 mm per month
87 % avg
8 Mph avg

Krakow Weather in January

What’s the weather like in Krakow in January?

Krakow is one of Poland’s oldest cities and it’s a great holiday destination for history buffs and fans of historical architecture. Krakow weather in January is very cold with temperatures often plummeting beneath freezing. You’ll need to pack a lot of warm clothes for your trip and a waterproof jacket to prepare for the heavy rainfall.

Geographical influences

Located in southern Poland, Krakow has an oceanic climate that’s influenced by the city’s position further inland from the coast. Temperatures fluctuate from season to season with mild winds coming from the Tatra Mountains that help keep the weather slightly warmer. However, Krakow weather in January is very cold and you’ll need to bring a heavy jacket for your visit.


January is one of the coldest months of the year with an average temperature of just -3°C and highs of 0°C. At night, things get even colder with lows of -5°C. There isn’t much rainfall over the month, with just 24mm of rain spread over 13 days. Showers are usually light and brief, which is great if you prefer a drier climate on holiday. Foggy days are likely and there’s a 50% chance of cloud coverage. You’ll have less than two hours of sunshine per day, which isn’t much.

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