Avg weather in February
10 Hrs per day
49 mm per month
86 % avg
7 Mph avg

Krakow Weather in February

What’s the weather like in Krakow in February?

When you visit Krakow in February, you need to prepare for the cold weather. Temperatures are usually below freezing, which means you need to pack a lot of layers and hats, scarfs and gloves to stay warm.

Geographical influences

Krakow weather in February is very cold and influenced by the city’s position far inland from the coast. The region has an oceanic climate, which means there are four distinct seasons with cool temperatures in the winter and slightly warmer weather in summer. February is quite dry but even though you won’t need a coat for the rain, you’ll need it to help cope with the plummeting temperatures throughout the month.


The average daytime temperature is just -2°C, which is freezing cold and unfortunately it doesn’t get much better at midday with cool highs of 1°C. At night, you’ll need a heavy winter coat if you’re outside because temperatures plummet to just -5°C. There’s not much rain with just 24mm spread over the month. There’s a 33% chance of a windy day, which means you’re more likely to find cloudy skies and fog rather than cool breezes in February.

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