Kotu Beach

Avg weather in July
12 Hrs per day
141 mm per month
79 % avg
11 Mph avg

Kotu Beach Weather in July

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What’s the weather like in Kotu Beach in July?

The Gambia has a hot tropical climate, which means the Kotu Beach weather in July is very warm but there’ll be showers. You can still spend hours sunbathing and relaxing by the beach and making the most of the wonderful temperatures.

Geographical influences

Kotu Beach is a popular resort on The Gambia’s Atlantic coast, near to places like Bijilo Beach, Kololi Beach and Brufut Heights. The Gambia’s on the west coast of Africa and during July, tropical showers reach the country by south-westerly winds.


The weather in Kotu Beach in July produces hot temperatures, with the average high being an impressive 35°C. The average low’s only around 28°C on very occasional cooler days. The water temperature should be around 28°C, so you’ll have plenty of chance to splash in the Atlantic to cool off. You can relax and sunbathe in July, with an average of ten hours sunshine. The sun rises at 7am at the start of the month and doesn’t set until about 7pm. The average wind speed’s quite light, at just 11mph, and the UV level’s moderate but you’ll still need to take care in the sun. The humidity will be around 79% and there’s an average of 141mm of rainfall expected across 12 rain-affected days.

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