Kotu Beach

Avg weather in August
12 Hrs per day
225 mm per month
79 % avg
11 Mph avg


The beautiful beaches, peaceful setting and traditional atmosphere are just some of the things that draws holidaymakers to Kotu Beach every year. Enjoy The Gambia’s slow pace of life in the craft markets, upbeat bars and excellent palm tree beaches. The beautiful resort is ideal for couples, families and groups who want to take a break from the 9 to 5 routine and unwind in paradise.

History and culture

Kotu Beach can be found along the western coast of Gambia shelving into warm Atlantic waters. The resort is becoming popular with tourists for its stunning beaches and nearby nature reserve where exotic birds populate the mangrove forest. The Kotu stream creates harbours, lagoons and nature spots where you can see birds like waders, kingfishers, whistling ducks and several species of birds of prey. Visitors can enjoy nature trails along the coast or walks in the nearby iconic, Bijilo Forest National Park. Kotu Beach also has a choice of bustling markets where you can purchase local produce like hand made woodcarvings, souvenirs and pottery.

Laid back nightlife

The evening entertainment in the small village of Kotu Beach is relatively quiet with only a few bars open late. The majority of the nightlife can be found in the hotels, which may include live music and traditional dance performances. Enjoy a meal along the main road made up of bars, restaurants and small shops. Dine on freshly caught fish, authentic meat stews and spicy rice dishes whilst watching the sunset in the laid back atmosphere.

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