Dalmatian Coast

Avg weather in January
6 Hrs per day
59 mm per month
93 % avg
9 Mph avg

Dalmatian Coast Weather in January

What’s the weather like on the Dalmatian Coast in January?

The Dalmation Coast weather in January is mild and sometimes cold. There’ll be some welcome winter sunshine along the coast of Croatia and you could need your sunglasses. Bring an umbrella too though, as January sees light showers.

Geographical influences

Croatia’s beautiful Dalmation Coast is a long stretch of popular resorts on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. It runs from Rab island in the north and includes Split, Dubrovnik and Brac Island in the south. The southern towns are generally warmer and a little drier than the north. The north-east bura winds can reach the Dalmation Coast at this time.


The weather in Dalmation Coast in January has milder daytime temperatures in the south of about 9°C or 10°C, which is great for winter in Europe. The average for the whole coastline is 8°C, with colder days being about 5°C. You should see plenty of sunshine in January with around four hours on average and perhaps a little more around Brac Island. The sun rises at 7.30am and sets about 4.30pm. The Dalmation Coast gets 95mm of rainfall during an average of 13 rain-affected days. The UV, heat and humidity levels are all low and the wind speed’s moderate to medium.

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