Dalmatian Coast

Avg weather in February
9 Hrs per day
59 mm per month
94 % avg
9 Mph avg

Dalmatian Coast Weather in February

What’s the weather like in Dalmation Coast in February?

The Dalmation Coast weather in February is mild to cold but compares well to resorts in northern Europe. You could see showers but there’ll also be some pleasant winter sunshine along this beautiful stretch of Croatian coastline.

Geographical influences

Croatia’s stunning Dalmation Coast is about 500km long and stretches from Rovinj in the north to Dubrovnik in the south. It includes the popular islands of Brac and Hvar. The weather in Dalmation Coast in February is milder and a little drier in the south. The Adriatic Sea’s about 13°C and this stops inland temperatures from rising too high.


Pack a waterproof jacket if you visit the Dalmation Coast in February, as an average of 13 days has wet weather. The rainfall’s about 86mm for the month. Temperatures are often into double figures in the sunshine, especially in the south, and the average along Croatia’s western coastline’s 10°C. At night it will feel much colder at 3°C or 4°C. The sun shines for around five hours and doesn’t set until 5.30pm at the end of February. The sea averages 13°C, which is too cold for swimming and water sports, and the UV and humidity index are low.

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