Montego Bay

Avg weather in November
11 Hrs per day
99 mm per month
81 % avg
12 Mph avg

Montego Bay Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Montego Bay in November?

November marks the beginning of winter in Montego Bay, but you’ll barely notice it. Temperatures don’t change much during the year, with the seasons blending into what feels like one long summer. Montego Bay weather in November consists of sunshine, high temperatures, mild waters and some precipitation at times.

Geographical influences

Nestled on the north coast of Jamaica, Montego Bay is subject to a typical tropical climate. November falls within hurricane season and tends to experience strong winds and short downpours. But don’t let the rain get you down, head to the museum or enjoy live music in the local pub until the sun comes back out again.


If you want to escape the chilly winter weather back home, head to Montego Bay for an endless stream of warm sunshine and clear blue skies. Temperatures are high, with an average of 32°C. The evenings are a pleasant 23°C, which makes it easier to sleep if you’re not used to the heat. The average rainfall in November is 99mm and the sun shines for 11 hours each day, giving you plenty of time to kick back and relax on the beach. Humidity is at 81% with regular 12 mph winds providing a refreshing break from the heat.

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