Montego Bay

Avg weather in December
11 Hrs per day
46 mm per month
82 % avg
14 Mph avg

Montego Bay Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Montego Bay in December?

Winter in Montego Bay is as beautiful as the summer. It’s a popular time to visit due to high temperatures, hours of sunshine and very few rain showers.

Geographical influences

Despite the fact that’s winter, Montego Bay weather in December is typical of the tropics. You’ll get plenty of heat from consistently high temperatures, so feel free to cool off in the mild Caribbean Sea when you feel like a time-out. Winter in Montego Bay is a slightly cooler time to visit, but still warm and pleasant compared to the winter’s back home.


December weather in Montego Bay is beautiful and exotic. The average temperature ranges from a low of 26°C and a high of 32°C. You’ll also get to enjoy the lovely tropical climate of the Caribbean without all the rain. December sees an average rainfall of just 46mm, which usually appears in the form of short showers. With 11 hours of bright sunshine to enjoy each day, it’s very likely you’ll return from your holiday with a beautiful sun-kissed glow. The humidity hovers around 82% and fluctuates depending on how wet the weather has been.

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