Weather in Amsterdam

 Weather in Amsterdam

If you’re heading off on a weekend break to Amsterdam or even spending a little longer in the Dutch capital, you’ll need to know what kind of weather you’ll encounter. To help you, we’ve created three different Amsterdam weather forecasts for you so you can decide what to take and what kind of weather to expect.

7-day weather forecast

Our 7-day weather forecast for Amsterdam provides you with a quick summary of each day and what conditions to expect. We’ll also tell you how much sunshine you might get, the wind speeds, and how humid it’s likely to be. As this is a 7-day forecast, you get a reasonably accurate prediction that should help you plan for any last-minute changes, such as packing an extra jumper to deal with a predicted dip in temperature, or whether you’ll need an umbrella.

10-day weather forecast

Heading off to Amsterdam in a few days’ time? Our 10-day forecast gives you a longer range prediction of the weather for over the next week. Come rain or shine, plan and pack your suitcase ahead of time.

14-day weather forecast

If your holiday to Amsterdam doesn’t start for a week or two, then our 14-day weather forecast will help you plan ahead. Team it up with a quick check of our monthly reports below, and you’ll have a fairly accurate prediction of what to expect. We update all of our Amsterdam weather reports, so you can rely on them for accurate information, no matter when you’re heading off on your break.

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Sunday, 23rd JuneSunny
High 22Low 13
  • Sun: 16 Hours daily
  • Wind: 8 Mph
  • Humidity: 55 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Monday, 24th JuneSunny
High 23Low 12
  • Sun: 16 Hours daily
  • Wind: 4 Mph
  • Humidity: 57 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Tuesday, 25th JuneSunny
High 26Low 15
  • Sun: 16 Hours daily
  • Wind: 9 Mph
  • Humidity: 59 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Wednesday, 26th JuneSunny
High 27Low 17
  • Sun: 16 Hours daily
  • Wind: 10 Mph
  • Humidity: 55 %
  • Rain: 0 mm
Patchy rain nearby
Thursday, 27th JunePatchy rain nearby
High 28Low 18
  • Sun: 10 Hours daily
  • Wind: 3 Mph
  • Humidity: 58 %
  • Rain: 2 mm
Light rain shower
Friday, 28th JuneLight rain shower
High 23Low 17
  • Sun: 12 Hours daily
  • Wind: 5 Mph
  • Humidity: 83 %
  • Rain: 1 mm
Light rain
Saturday, 29th JuneLight rain
High 17Low 16
  • Sun: 13 Hours daily
  • Wind: 11 Mph
  • Humidity: 96 %
  • Rain: 11 mm

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