Avg weather in January
12 Hrs per day
84 mm per month
89 % avg
5 Mph avg

Africa Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Africa in January?

With most of Europe experiencing a cooler and wetter climate, escape to Africa this month and soak up plenty of warm weather and lots of sunshine. The Africa weather in January is very pleasant, but some countries and resorts will have tropical rains.

Geographical influences

The Gambia, on Africa’s west coast, and Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh along the Red Sea are dry in January. Further south, around the popular Kenyan resort of Mombasa, the rainfall is a little heavier. These resorts will be warm in January and also benefit from a cool sea breeze compared to inland towns and cities.


The average daytime temperature for Africa in January is a pleasant 17°C. If you’re visiting South Africa at this time, for example, you’re likely to see average highs of around 25°C and a night time average close to 17°C. The average sea temperature around South Africa is likely to be 19°C, with 27°C by Mombasa and a pleasing 21°C in the Atlantic by The Gambia. Sunshine levels are strong in January, with around 12 hours each day. The sun rises at 6.30am in most of Egypt an sets at about 5pm in January. UV levels are generally high and the humidity is very noticeable at an average of 89%. The weather in Africa in January produces 89mm of rainfall, which compares very well with most of mainland Europe.

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