Self catering holidays to Kassiopi

If you're thinking of heading off to a sunny spot for a relaxing break in Europe, then have a look at our superb pick of Kassiopi Self Catering holidays. Maybe you're not sure where Kassiopi actually is? It's a delightful resort with lots of history and character on the remote north east coast of the Greek island Corfu.

Just off the Greek mainland, this pretty harbour will seem like a world away with its pristine beaches, warm waters of the Ionian Sea and fabulous hotels and apartments. Kassiopi Self Catering holidays take full advantage of Corfu's sub-tropical climate. Average temperatures in the summer months are usually well above 25°C, with very little rain touching the island at this time.

You'll discover the centre of Kassiopi is blessed with four excellent pebbled beaches. These are quite relaxed and don't get too busy, which is perfect for you and your family. Away from the centre are the charming beaches of Imerolia and Avlaki. Avlaki is a vast beach and boasts crystal clear waters for splashing and swimming.

Our select Self Catering resorts will give you the freedom to explore Corfu's Kassiopi region at your own speed. You can decide where, and when, you'll dive into one of the many local restaurants and cafes for a bite to eat. Katia Beach offer you brilliant value, with its inviting pool and location near to shops and entertainment. The Melina Bay Boutique has very comfortable rooms and gives you the chance to visit the nearby Kassiopi Castle.

Take your time and book one of our Self Catering Kassiopi breaks that's just right for and your family.

Best self catering hotels in Kassiopi